Waste Oil Heaters

Safe Commercial-Use Heaters

Waste oil heaters are the only heating products that begin paying for themselves the moment they are fired.

Waste oil is the old or bad oil that is drained from vehicles or machinery during an oil change. Types include most petroleum-based oil products used in motors and equipment, including automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, and small amounts of gasoline and brake fluid.

Waste oil heaters are for business or commercial use and not intended for home use. No safety training is necessary when using a waste oil heater. Burning waste oil in a waste oil heater is an acceptable safe alternative to regular furnaces that use regular heating fuel. A trained Kochel Equipment Co staff member will provide complete instructions on proper use and care to each customer.

Reznor has the waste oil heater to meet your need, offering standard waste oil-fired unit heaters or ducted heaters.

Why Reznor Waste Oil Heaters? It’s FREE heat!

The engineering staff of Reznor developed a flow control pump that automatically delivers the correct amount of oil and assures complete combustion without adjustment for viscosities ranging from #2 fuel oil through SAE 50 wt. waste oil. This system completely eliminates manual user adjustments. There are no manual controls to adjust the fuel flow rate. Other manufacturers have copied this system, but Reznor was the first to perfect it and include it as standard equipment on all production models.
  • No more wasting used oil
  • Multiple cost savings
  • User friendly
  • Efficient and accessible
  • Fuel metering
  • Thermostat-controlled operation
  • Easy installation
  • CSA certified to UL standards
  • Great for garages and industries that produce used oil on a daily basis
  • On-board air compressor
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Waste Oil Heaters 

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Reznor RA & RAD Series

  • Available in four sizes with BTU inputs of 140,000 to 500,000
  • RA units are propeller fan type space heaters
  • RAD units utilize blowers and are ductable furnaces
  • Designed to burn typical waste oil up to 50 wt., transmission fluids, and #2 fuel oil

Reznor RV Venturion Series

  • Combination space heater/ductable furnace
  • Available in two sizes with BTU inputs of 200,000 or 280,000
  • Designed to burn used oil but will also burn #2 fuel oil without adjustment. The used oil must be no heavier than 50 wt. and not lighter than #2 fuel oil.
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