Pressure Washer Brands

We Service What We Sell

Kochel Equipment Co delivers 35 years of experience in sales and service to fit you with the best pressure washer for each application and provides expert service on all brands we sell, including Kärcher, LANDA, and Pressure Pro, as well as servicing brands we do not sell. We can custom install your pressure washer to your specifications in or on trailers, vans, or trucks.

A pressure washer uses less water at a higher PSI (pounds per square inch) compared to a garden hose, getting your job done faster while conserving water usage to keep costs down. They are perfect for many tough cleaning jobs such as:
  • Cars, trucks, trailers, boats, race cars, etc.
  • Farm and construction equipment
  • Commercial kitchens and food facilities
  • Decks, siding, driveways, walkways, gutters, fences, buildings, and more
  • Buses, tractor trailers, RVs
  • Manufacturing facilities

Kärcher Commercial Pressure Washers

  • 25+% fuel saving over other brands
  • Protects you and your investment through many engineered safety features
  • Easy-to-use unique automations and ergonomic designs
  • Hot, cold, steam, or cold water units
  • Powered by electricity, diesel/fuel oil, and gasoline
  • Available in trailer-mounted, portable, or stationary models

Kärcher Residential Pressure Washers

  • Borrows technology from the commercial pressure washers
  • Designed and produced to the highest quality standards in the industry
  • Latest findings in ergonomics, service, and user-friendliness
  • Cold water only in electric or gas engine models


LANDA Hot Water Pressure Washers

The diesel-powered hot water line
  • Delivers 200°F water
  • Dual-gun capabilities
  • Super fuel-efficient, cutting your average fuel consumption by 21% or more
  • Available in a portable or skid-mounted unit
The electric-powered hot water line
  • Full range of models heated with diesel/oil, natural or LP gas, or electricity
  • Available in stationary, skid-mounted, or portable units

LANDA Cold Water Pressure Washers

  • Monster cleaning power for the toughest jobs
  • Optimum portability
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Offered in a broad range of gas-powered, belt-drive, and direct-drive models
Electric-powered cold
  • Popular for indoor cleaning applications such as manufacturing and food processing where exhaust fumes are prohibited
  • Run more quietly than gasoline-powered models
  • Typically more economical

Pressure Pro

Pressure Pro Commercial Hot Water Magnum Series 

  • Hot and cold water units
  • Cart or skid mount
  • Belt or direct drive
  • Gas, diesel, or electric
  • Custom models available
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