Well-Stocked Parts and Accessories Inventory

At Kochel Equipment Co, we stock the most commonly used accessories and replacement and repair parts for pressure washers and other equipment we sell. We have OEM and generic parts available or we can order anything we do not stock if it is a more specialized item. If necessary, we can also fabricate special pieces to make your job easier. Daily shipping for all parts is available for your convenience.
Generic accessories

Generic Accessories

Generic accessories for any brand pressure washers, hoses, trigger guns, wands, and nozzles.
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Call us for Specialized Accessories

We have decades of experience not only in selling but also in providing quality experience to customers. 
Telescoping extension wand

Telescoping Extension Wand

Telescoping extension wand for high spots without the use of a ladder. For use with any brand of pressure washer and has 18′ and 24′ lengths available.

Rotary Surface Cleaner

Rotary surface cleaner reduces zebra striping, cuts time in half, and is great for sidewalks, parking lots, decks, roofs, and driveways. Good for shopping centers and gas stations. For use with any brand pressure washer.
Kärcher’s FRV 30

Kärcher’s FRV 30

Kärcher’s FRV 30 is a patented 12″ hard surface cleaner that provides an industry first — simultaneous cleaning and waste water suctioning without the need for a vacuum!
Hose reels

Hose Reels

Hose reels are a good way to keep hoses stored and organized. We carry Hannay, Cox, and Eley brand hose reels for any configuration.
Kärcher’s Dirt Blaster Rotating Nozzles

Kärcher’s Dirt Blaster Rotating Nozzles

Kärcher’s Dirt Blaster Rotating Nozzles maximize cleaning power by spinning a pencil jet stream in a figure-eight pattern to increase impact pressure and cover a larger surface area.
Soaps and Cleaning Solutions

Soaps and Cleaning Solutions

We carry soaps and cleaning solutions (for de-greasing or any general purpose) that are formulated for use with a pressure washer. We can assist you in determining which solutions are best suited for your application.
wet sandblaster attachment

Wet Sandblaster Attachment

A wet sandblaster attachment is used with a pressure washer to help remove stubborn dried-on substances (i.e. paint) from metals, stone, concrete, or other types of hard surfaces with the use of a sand media material instead of chemicals.
Under Body Wand

Under Body Wand

This under body wand helps clean the undercarriage of vehicles or equipment with ease. Reduces back and arm fatigue for hard to reach areas.
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