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Karcher_Chemical_GroupThe entire world is demanding more sustainable solutions in everything we do and detergents are no exception. Where most sustainable solutions come with some compromise, Kärcher has improved the performance, the speed and in most cases, lowered the in use cost for their complete line of detergents. At the same time, they have removed all of the phosphate, NTA and EDTA additives and replaced them with better performing materials that have less environmental impact. That’s a win for everybody. As the world’s leading manufacturer of cleaning solutions, Kärcher’s new detergent line was designed specifically to meet the cleaning needs of the construction industry, transportation industry or agriculture industry. Used with Kärcher pressure washer equipment, their innovative detergents offer unique benefits unmatched by others and are specifically formulated to tackle the harshest cleaning tasks. You’ll find Kärcher products are: Faster Acting Tested in the lab and in the field, Kärcher detergents are proven to provide superior cleaning results. With faster acting and more efficient chemistry, you’ll use less product – saving you both time and money. More Effective Utilizing cutting-edge technology and enhanced raw materials, Kärcher detergents deliver superior cleaning results in even the toughest environments. Designed for a higher tolerance for hard water — less detergent is needed to break down the dissolved calcium and magnesium salts, leading to a marked reduction in insoluble mineral deposits commonly associated with hard water. Environmentally Friendly Construction With an eye on preserving our natural resources, we are proud to offer a complete lineup of environmentally friendly detergents, many of which are phosphate free. Lab tests have proven these new formulas to be effective while providing a sustainable solution for preventing the negative impacts often associated with runoff while providing you with peace of mind. No matter your cleaning needs, Kärcher detergents are designed to meet and exceed your most vigorous demands. Meeting the needs of the construction industry with many years of providing cleaning solutions for the construction industry, Kärcher understands what is most important to those who are down in the trenches: cleaning quickly, cleaning efficiently, and cleaning effectively without additional effort. Whether for vehicle, machinery, structure or floor cleaning, with Landa Kärcher Group’s cleaning detergent solutions, you are optimally equipped. Those who work hard every day should take it easy when it comes to cleaning. Transportation Logistics is all about timing and precise coordination. The necessity of cleaning vehicles, storage areas, and offices should not interfere with schedules. Quick and efficient cleaning solutions are crucial. This is where Kärcher can help — with high-performance cleaning systems, sound advice, and excellent service — to keep your business on track in a clean working environment. Agriculture Effectiveness and efficiency, cleanliness and hygiene, functionality and quality. As diverse as the requirements of animal farming, fish farming, arable farming, viticulture and forestry are – with innovative Kärcher solutions, you can fulfill all of them. We know that every investment has to function smoothly for many years and that high standards and legal restrictions on cleaning and hygiene have to be complied with in order to achieve lasting success. With this in mind, we offer solutions for optimal protection and for the perfect maintenance of your machines, systems, stables and buildings. Hygiene and cleanliness are a must in animal farming. Consistent stable hygiene is required, with cleaning and disinfection reducing the level of bacteria to a minimum before animals are stabled. Kärcher has the solution. Ten good reasons for using Kärcher cleaning agents.

  • Highly efficient and economical product formulas Only the best raw materials are used for Kärcher cleaning agents. This makes it possible to use the products in very low and cost-saving doses.
  • Patented, easily-separable formulas Many Kärcher products are made using easily-separable formulas that lead to a quick separation of the aqueous and oleaginous phases in the oil separator and thus support compliance with legal regulations.
  • Material-compatible formulas with corrosion protection components and other special additives Kärcher cleaning agents are specially formulated for use in Kärcher cleaning appliances. These formulations help to remove the most stubborn dirt while also being gentle on the machine. Numerous cleaning agents contain special ingredients for cleaning and protecting the machine.
  • Thermally stable up to 300°F Kärcher pressure washer detergents are specially formulated for use in high-pressure cleaners.
  • Continuous improvement by Kärcher’s development department Kärcher detergents are developed on an ongoing basis to improve cleaning performance, shorten contact times and provide formulas that are even more eco-friendly.
  • Taking responsibility for the environment, people and machine Kärcher consistently avoids the use of unnecessary solvents, heavy metals and other environmentally harmful and health-endangering substances. For the best possible protection of the operator, machine and environment.
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to reduced packaging Kärcher detergents are highly concentrated and therefore require less packing material. This conserves natural resources and facilitates packing material disposal.
  • Developed to meet the highest demands Numerous Kärcher cleaning agents are of food-grade quality and can be used in all areas of food production as applicable.
  • Best performance with a fresh scent Numerous Kärcher cleaning agents contain fragrances such as lemon oil to combat unpleasant odors, and leave surfaces looking clean and fresh.
  • The complete system from one single source The Kärcher system is based on expertise that benefits the operator: one manufacturer for machines, detergents and accessories. One contact partner for assistance and advice.