Why Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat allows you to heat an object without warming the air for greater efficiency and is unaffected by wind or cold ambient air. Since radiant heat can penetrate into the object, the targeted surface and object are warmed and dried in a uniquely different way. Heat penetrates evenly just like heat from the sunlight.

Radiant heat is 98.9% fuel efficient, portable, dust free, odorless, is optimum for use for heating or drying and is perfect for outdoor use. High efficiency radiant space heaters are powered by diesel #1, diesel #2 or kerosene. When using diesel #2 it may sometimes gel. If this happens we recommend mixing diesel #2 with diesel #1 or kerosene.

The VAL6 series lineup has everything you need in an infared space heater. It provides portability, efficiency, and power. We offer many models to service your needs including the HOTGUN model & Daystar Model which utilize the same concept but in conjunction with forced air heat from a blower/fan system.


  • Trucking, Busing and Automotive industries
  • Military and Government, Fire and Rescue, and Mining and Oil Services
  • Farming to include drying crops
  • Thawing of equipment in cold weather construction
  • Thawing and heating of machinery on site
  • Drying surfaces in construction such as drywall, paint plumbing, & masonry
  • Thawing and heating of aircraft and airport maintenance facilities
  • Thawing and heating of highway maintenance and snow removal facilities
  • Heating of inside and outside Sports arenas and large venue tents
  • Spot heating in large warehouses, garages, and farm buildings